Indian River Farms Water Control District

North Relief Canal Gate Structure


Permits are required for all new developments with a stormwater discharge limitation of 2 in./24 hours for a 25 year storm event.  Drainage calculations and two (2) sets of signed and sealed plans must be submitted with the permit applications.  All culverts or utilities that cross over/under District right-of-way must be permitted through the District office.  Any other structures (gates, signs, pumps, etc.) must also be permitted by the District.  No flap gates are allowed on outfall discharge pipes or structures.  The District does not own or supply any culverts in or across its right-of-way.

The District maintains 227 miles of canals and ditches within Indian River County.  The aquatic weed control program, using DEP and EPA approved herbicides, is maintained by an outside contractor (currently Future Horizons, Inc.).  The mechanical maintenance is maintained by the District in house to maintain adequate flow within the canal system for primary drainage. This is the sole purpose of the District. Secondary drainage is the drainage from landowner properties into the District canal system and is the sole responsibility of the landowner.